Low Stretch Rope Terminations

Low Stretch Rope Terminations

DMM low stretch ropes are available in custom lengths with either one or two sewn terminations.

Knots become difficult to undo when repeatedly loaded. Sewn terminations create connection points that allow easy rope removal, even after repeated loading. They also speed up rigging, as there is no set up time to create the connection point. This is useful in time critical situations such as rigging for rescue.

Sewn terminations are stronger than knots, which can dramatically reduce a rope’s breaking load. They are also less bulky, making it easier to pass the termination through anchors like fixed rigging eyes and cambium savers. Short termination lengths let you work closer to your rigging, and give more useable rope. Unlike knots and splices, sewn terminations have a guaranteed minimum breaking strain of 22kN.

All our sewn terminations are made in our factory in Wales. Advanced CNC technology and precision sewing patterns mean our sewn terminations are made to the same exacting quality as all DMM products.

Contact our Sales department to discuss your custom rope length requirements.

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Low Stretch Rope Terminations

Low stretch rope with sewn terminations conforming to BS EN 1891:1998

Available with one or two sewn terminations

Available in Worksafe or Worksafe Plus rope

Available in custom lengths: minimum order value of custom rope lengths of £100

Sewn terminations speed up rigging, are stronger than knots, and more reliable than splicing

45° cut angle reduces chances of snagging and allows smooth unthreading through anchors

Compact termination length allows devices to be positioned closer to the anchor

Adhesive heat shrink tubing protects stitching and label from abrasion

Available with integrated DMM iD for smart PPE management

Worksafe 11mm 1 Termination iD RPT903WI-2.0-ID White/Blue/Grey 11mm 2m 22kN

Worksafe 11mm 2 Terminations iD RPT904WI-2.5-ID White/Blue/Grey 11mm 2.5m 22kN

Worksafe 11mm 2 Terminations iD RPT904WI-4.0-ID White/Blue/Grey 11mm 4m 22kN

Worksafe 11mm 1 Termination iD RPT903WI-15-ID White/Blue/Grey 11mm 15m 22kN

Worksafe 11mm 1 Termination iD RPT903WI-20-ID White/Blue/Grey 11mm 20m 22kN


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