Bat Plates

Bat Plates
DMM Bat Plates raise the bar in design, performance and strength. Precision machining and heat treatment make them strong, light and incredibly versatile.

The Bat shape minimises height loss in complex rigging scenarios and generous radii allow direct attachment of textiles as well as connectors. The oversized central hole allows for effortless centralising of connections and gives a perfect technician clipping point.

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Four sizes for all rigging configurations
Textile friendly surfaces with large radii
Centralised connection point for stable rescuer attachment
Can be bolted together for ‘100% redundancy’ in system
CNC machined from high strength heat treated Aluminium
Conforms to NFPA 1983 (2012 Ed) Class G

XS Rigging Plate RIG-XS-OR Orange 36kN 7kN 62 x 62 x 8mm 37g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP99
Small Rigging Plate RIG-S-RD Red 60kN 12kN 129 x 95 x 10mm 159g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP99
Medium Rigging Plate RIG-M-BL Blue 60kN 12kN 189 x 97 x 10mm 247g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP99
Large Rigging Plate RIG-L-GD Gold 60kN 12kN 249 x 99 x 10mm 322g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP99


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