Worksafe Plus 10.5mm

Worksafe Plus 10.5mm

The Worksafe Plus boasts a tighter woven sheath than our Worksafe rope. This increases the durability and abrasion resistance even further than the Worksafe, but still gives superb knotability and compatibility with rope grabs and devices.

The Worksafe Plus is the rope of choice for any industrial customer who is a heavy user of their low stretch ropes, and therefore wants the extra durability and wear resistance which is provided by its superior construction.

Available in three diameters and colour coded accordingly for easy identification between products:

2 red flecks = 10mm

2.5 red flecks = 10.5mm

3 red flecks = 11mm

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Worksafe Plus 10.5mm

Polyamide core and sheath

Available in 10, 10.5 and 11mm diameter

Elongation in use (50 – 150kg) <5%

Weight 10mm 66g/m, 10.5mm 72g/m, 11mm 75g/m

Worksafe Plus RP915WI-50 White/red/grey 10.5mm 50m 72g/m 32kN EN1891:1998 A

Worksafe Plus RP915WI-200 White/red/grey 10.5mm 200m 72g/m 32kN EN1891:1998 A

Worksafe Plus RP915WI-700 White/red/grey 10.5mm 700m 72g/m 32kN EN1891:1998 A

Worksafe Plus RP915WI-100 White/red/grey 10.5mm 100m 72g/m 32kN EN1891:1998 A


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