K-Pro Rope Protector

K-Pro Rope Protector

The K-Pro is lightweight rope protector that is ideal for outdoor and activity centre use.

An internal Aramid layer sits between two layers of heavy duty canvas, effectively protecting ropes from the type of sharp or abrasive hazards commonly found at abseil and tope rope sites. Tie-in cords allow quick and easy installation anywhere along a rope’s length. Available in 50cm or 80cm lengths.


K-Pro Rope Protector

Triple layer construction for high levels of rope protection

Aramid mid layer gives high heat and abrasion resistance

Colour coded layers allows easy assessment of wear and tear

Reversible colours allow easy identification of main and back up lines

Tie in cords allow installation at any point along a rope’s length

Large connection eyes allows connection with either tie in cords or carabiners

Can be used in conjunction with ProPad+ rope mat to maximise protection

K-Pro Canvas/Kevlar Rope Protector K-PRO50 Blue/Red 50cm 150g

K-Pro Canvas/Kevlar Rope Protector K-PRO80 Blue/Red 80cm 226g


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