Rock Exotica Akimbo

Conquer Climbs & Descents with the Rock Exotica Akimbo Ascender/Descender!

Akimbo: Mid-Line Ascender & Descender for Climbers

Climb and descend ropes with ease using the Akimbo, a versatile mid-line friction device for arborists, industrial climbers, and rescue workers. No need to detach from your harness!

  • Ascend and descend effortlessly: Handle stationary and moving ropes without switching gear.
  • Fits various rope sizes: Adjustable settings ensure optimal performance for different ropes.
  • Stay connected: Work safely and efficiently without disconnecting from your saddle.

Tree Climbers & Beyond: Take your arborist and climbing adventures to new heights with the Akimbo, a revolutionary mid-line friction device. Ascend and descend ropes smoothly, whether stationary or moving, all without ever leaving your harness!

Key Features:

  • Effortless Ascents & Descents: Tackle both stationary and moving ropes with ease, eliminating gear swaps and maximizing efficiency.
  • Universal Rope Compatibility: Adjustable settings ensure optimal performance with a wide range of rope diameters, from 11mm to 13mm.
  • Unmatched Safety & Convenience: Stay securely connected to your harness throughout your climb, boosting safety and streamlining your workflow.
  • Built for Professionals: Trusted by arborists, industrial climbers, and rescue workers worldwide for its reliability and versatility.


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Akimbo: Climb Higher, Descend Smoother, Work Smarter

Effortless Ascending & Descending: Conquer trees and rigging with the Akimbo, your mid-line friction device for arborists and professionals. Climb and descend both stationary and moving rope systems without ever leaving your harness!

Key Features:

  • Universal Rope Adaptability: Adjusts to fit 11.5mm – 13mm ropes, no tools needed. Find your perfect grip for optimal performance.
  • Fine-Tune Friction on the Fly: Easily adjust friction for different climber weights, environments, or rope wear, ensuring safety and control.
  • Mid-Line Rope Access: Add or remove rope in seconds, even while harnessed, for efficient work positioning.
  • SRS & MRS Compatible: Works seamlessly with both Single Rope System (SRS) and Modified Rope System (MRS) setups.
  • Quick Chest Harness Connection: Innovative wire gate lets you connect quickly with a small carabiner or cord loop, without a closed loop attachment.

Lightweight & Compact: This workhorse weighs only 9.2oz and packs down small, staying out of your way when not in use.

Safety First:

  • Approved Ropes Only: Ensure optimal performance and safety by using only Rock Exotica-approved ropes (list included).
  • Working Load Limit: Choose the right rope for your weight (100kg or 130kg). Exceeding the limit can lead to slippage.


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