Petzl Arborist Throw Line Kit

Petzl Arborist Throw Line Kit Includes:
Eclipse Storage Cube
Jet 8oz & 10oz Throw Weights
Airline Throw Line 60 meters (196 ft)
Eclipse Storage Cube

ECLIPSE provides easy storage for AIRLINE throw-lines and JET throw-bags. The double bottom allows two throw-lines to be stored separately.
Jet 8oz & 10oz Throw Weights

Double-layer construction gives the JET throw-bag excellent longevity. Its streamlined shape facilitates passage through tree branches. 
Airline Throw Line

The AIRLINE throw-line offers an excellent compromise between flexibility and rigidity, for an accurate throw without the formation of knots as it comes out of the bag. The excellent sheath-core bond maintains a round cross-section, ensuring good rope glide through the tree. It is available in 60 meters (196 ft).

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