COLLINOX glue-in bolt


Forged stainless steel glue-in bolt


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  • 10 x 70 mm


  • Material(s): forged stainless steel
  • Certification(s): EN 959


References P55
Diameter 10 mm
Weight 95 g
Length 7 cm
Drilling depth 7-7,5 cm
Drilling diameter 12 mm
Type of installation P56 glue (or other glues approved by Petzl)
Suggested drying time 40 min -> 10 h
Resistance to cutting on concrete 50 MPa 25 kN
Pull-out strength in concrete 50 MPa 15 kN
Medium quality concrete between 25 and 50 MPa: preliminary testing suggested
Very high quality concrete (work of art) > 50 MPa: preliminary testing recommended
Soft rock (soft sandstone, limestone) lower than 45 MPa: preliminary testing required
Limestone and medium sandstone 80 MPa to 45 MPa: preliminary testing recommended
Hard limestone > 80 MPa: preliminary testing recommended
Granite, gneiss > 80 MPa: preliminary testing recommended
Times are given for P56 glue (times may vary depending on the glue used and on the external environment)
Guarantee 3 years
Packing 1

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