The Buddy 100 (for use on 10.5 – 11mm ropes) is a hands free trailing fall arrest device that will follow the user up and down the rope.

Minimalist design makes inspection and installation simple, whilst top quality materials increase durability without adding weight. The Buddy 100 is a single person device, suitable for ropes from 10.5 – 11mm diameter conforming to EN 353-2:2002.


Designed for use on 10.5 – 11mm ropes conforming to EN 1891:1998
For thicker ropes 11 – 12mm use the Buddy 200
Rated for single person loading
Free-following protection both up and down a safety line
Constant cam angle for smooth and predictable operation
Screw lockable for semi-permanent attachment to rope
Easily cleaned and inspected
Tether cord facility
Large attachment eye for multiple connections

Buddy 100 BUD100 Gold 95 x 78 x 29mm 10.5 – 11mm 192g EN 353-2:2002
Buddy 200 BUD200 Red 95 x 78 x 29mm 11 – 12mm 192g EN 353-2:2002


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