Arbpro Clip-N-Step Arborist Climbing Boots

Arbpro Clip-N-Step Arborist Climbing Boots

The Clip N Step from Arbpro was designed for tree climbing. It is a slim, flexible and lightweight product gives feeling and grip to the tree climber. They are designed to be strong and light and more flexible than the EVO. It includes a revolutionary attachment point for a foot step. The attachment point is not PPE and it can not be used for life support.

Weight: 1.55 lbs per boot (depending on size)
Upper: premium quality Perwanger leather with rubber reinforcement profile
Lining: Event® 4 Layer Waterproof fabric + leather
Sole: Vibram® New Mulaz ‘High Grip’ with ‘Climbing Zone’
Midsole: Nylon 1 mm
Source: Italy


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High performance boots particularly designed for arborist.

New updated version equipped with Vibram® sole ‘Pepe’.

Pepe consists in highly technical and innovative sole with honeycomb structure for a significant loss of weight. Made of high friction rubber this sole offers ‘climbing zone’ at tip and self-cleaning tread.

The semi-rigid midsole offers a good compromise between support and flexibility.

Lacing system is very precise thanks to several eyelets disposed with accuracy offering the possibility to adjust tension where needed and according to climber’s preferences.

The upper covers the ankle providing a correct support. Ankle cushion is made of Cordura fabric resistant to abrasion but soft enough to leave the possibility to move the ankle in all directions.

The integrated elastic gaiter forms a barrier reducing the amount of dirt that can get inside.

Clip’n step 2018 are equipped with EZLoop system. Front loop is now easy replaceable in case the sling brakes.

IMPORTANT WARNING! This is NOT a Personal Protective Equipment and in no circumstances can it be used for life support!

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