Arborist Zing-it Throw Line Kit Weaver Storage Cube 14oz & 16oz Throw Weights

Arborist Throw Line Kit 

Arborist Throw Line Kit Includes:
Weaver Storage Cube
Weaver 14oz & 16oz Throw Weights
Samson Zing-it! Throw Line
Weaver Storage Cube

Organize and store throw lines and weights with this roomy cube that folds down to a compact triangle
Durably constructed cube offers plenty of storage with two interior pockets.
Great for both aerial and ground people.
End of throw line secures with a hook and loop strap and dee ring.
Cube measures 16″ and collapses to a small triangle that is secured with a hook and loop strap.
Weaver 14oz & 16oz Throw Weights

Aerodynamic design helps increase the range of the throw
The moving action of the #8 shot that fills these Cordura® weights helps prevent the weights from hanging up in tree branches.
The lubricated lead shot is contained in a latex pouch for environmental protection.
A 7/8″ nickel plated ring for attachment of a rope or poly pilot line is box-stitched to each weight.
Weight is screen printed on throw weight for easy identification.
Samson Zing-It! Throw Line

Samson Zing-it is made from high-strength Dyneema having 560-pound tensile strength. The smaller diameter Zing-it is ideal for high shots & creates less friction over branches allowing use of lighter weights.
Samson’s trusty brand of woven Dynema throwline is Samthane-coated for improved visibility throughout the branch isolating process. Zing-it’s 100% Dynema construction is not only strong but does not hold memory and therefore flakes into a cube or bag the same trusty way every time.
Diameter: 1/16″
Length: 180 ft

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