C5M Rock Exotica Transporter Tool Carrier


The Transporter is the newest and best tool for racking saws and other tools on your harness. Four screws keep this durable, strong tool carrier in place and upright on your harness. The double push-button gate can be locked or unlocked, and will remain so until you change it. This makes it easy to access your tools when you need them, and gives you peace of mind that they are secured while climbing.




The Transporter weighs only 95 grams (3.4 oz), and is strong enough to hold your climbing saw without problem (50 lb WLL). 4.2″ x 2″ with 1.25″ gate opening. Like all Rock Exotica gear, the Transporter is made in the USA with the highest-quality methods and materials.

-Wings on lock for ease of opening
-Superior manufacturing
-Manual locking gate
-Secure fit with harness
-Individually proof-tested

Major Axis Break Strength: 400 lb (1.8 kN)
Working Load Limit: 50 lb
Height: 4.2″
Width: 2.6″
Weight: 3.4 oz (95 g)
Gate: 1.25” Key Lock


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